Qualities of a Good Technician for Electronic Musical Instruments

There’s a huge selection of musical instruments, and one cannot be knowledgeable enough to repair each one. However, this should not prevent you from pursuing your dream of becoming a musical instrument technician.

There are only a few schools that offer classroom instructions for musical instrument technicians. Most instructions come from apprenticeships under the tutelage of professional repairmen. Learning is hands-on and an individual wanting to learn should have the interest and mechanical abilities.

Some dream of becoming musicians themselves but could not play that well. They sometimes end up as instrument technicians – this way, they enjoy both worlds: doing what they love and earning from it.

Aside from these characteristics, there are several other qualities employers look for in aspiring musical instrument technicians.

  1. One should have a clear sense of hearing. It is a necessary skill in fine-tuning instruments. Without it, the instrument will not perform as expected.
  2. The ability to do mechanical repairs is also a must. Despite your dream of becoming a technician, if you do not have basic repair skills or if you are not mechanically inclined, you may not be a good fit. After all, repair is the entirety of the work you will be doing.
  3. Ability to play instruments is another necessary skill. How would you know if an instrument is working properly if you do not know how it works? You need to play it when you test it to see if everything has been fixed.

Focus on what instrument you want to learn to fix. If you’re into rock music, doing electrical guitar repairs is a good choice.

  1. You must have a genuine interest and love for musical instruments. As mentioned, you will be encountering musical instruments every day as a technician. You have to love the job for you to enjoy it. Otherwise, it will just be a job that allows you to pay for rent and groceries.
  2. You should be able to use machines needed for fixing instruments. You have to learn how to use them because you cannot complete major repairs without using equipment or tools specifically designed for instruments.
  3. You must be trainable. A company hiring someone inexperienced spends time with him to teach him the necessary skills required to do the job, as well as doing it according to company standards.

A technician’s average earning is estimated at $9 to $55. The demand for them is average’ However, the market is not yet saturated, unlike engineers who are everywhere. There is also a chance that if they become popular among customers, they could put up their own repair shop.

Seasoned technicians say aside from their love for the trade, they have stayed in the business because of non-monetary rewards.

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They experience a different high if they get to restore a really old instrument back to its old glory. There are also instances where they have handled the instruments of promising musicians. When one of these individuals becomes successful in the world of music, they feel accomplished for having been part of the development of the individual’s career.