Lil' Wayne - We Da Kings (Feat. Mac Maine) lyrics

We Da Kings (Feat. Mac Maine) lyrics by Lil' Wayne

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Lil' Wayne - We Da Kings (Feat. Mac Maine) lyrics

We Da Kings (Feat. Mac Maine) lyrics by Lil' Wayne
We Da Kings by LiL' Wayne feat. Mac Maine
Verse 1
hottest weather be on point game tight
might see me in vibe ricardo in the same night
me and mayne came through at the same flight
hooked up with the nicca wayne ive been living the changed life
naw i aint neva wear the same thang twice
because im paid like my condem straight out
fuck around imma beat them with the canes out
how my guns got number and letters
them MAC 11 AK 47 ill hit u up with that AL 15
i might shave my head change my name to mr.clean yea
thats cuz my style has no flaws
i got ur girl at my house with no draws
and imma beat that lighting bolts and stars
thats me mothafucka fo you late mothafuckas
blow the candles out yo cake mothafuckas
ok i talk it cuz i did it walk it cuz i live it
you dependent on rapping money shorter than mijits
you got bushwick bills i push sniff still
i aint go platnum yess but i live like it
i aint related to roy jones but i fight like it
and i aint the best in the game yet but i write like it
to you can hate all you want but yo bitch like it
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put the mixtape on and watch her turn a lil excited
forget that bitch im trynna chill with a shot to ya
maybe get beyonce to be my first beyonce
me go gold when i drop niccas you kidding me
even cats with no arms are still feelin me
in the hood i get treated like ima kennedy
see hustlas defending me an theives need the remedy
elementary most like the penetenchury
not the top ten not the drop you gotta mention me
i got a million in mercedes and the bank got more fo me
cashmoney young money neva eva no money
hair chest to his stomach red mess so bloody
gray 44 bust a lid im there fo nobody
wat it is let a nicca hold sumthang
make a nicca take it from yo azz like you own sumthang
hit the streets 17 more holly groove youngin find me in the bakery
bitch i know that dough comin
i got a nose in the washer put some a bleach on it
1 dick 5 bitches and they each on it
straight face all lip young teeth on it
momma ridin straight dick no seats on me
and we creep on the streets with the beasts on them
young wayne nuttin tame no leash on me
effective flow i spit that yeast on them
birdman jr. fly away like geese on them
Im Gone
The lyrics were posted by Jaidi from da 954 reppin 4U2NV eNtYcE ( Thankx J.T Money fo da CD )

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