Lil' Wayne - Swizzy (Remix) lyrics

Swizzy (Remix) lyrics by Lil' Wayne

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Lil' Wayne - Swizzy (Remix) lyrics

Swizzy (Remix) lyrics by Lil' Wayne
[Lil Wayne:]
Voo Voo Sha Ay Wa BitcheZ (Showtime)
Re Re Re Remix [x4](You Know What Time It Is Right)
[Swiss Beats:]
Chilling In My Beama
[Lil Wayne:]
Sitting In Me Phantom
[Swiss Beats:]
Listening To Either
[Lil Wayne:]
Listening to the Anthem
Weezy da bama wat my bama
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Your girl wit me so i fan she dont answer
He so sweet make her wanna lick the rapper (this is the remix)
So i let her lick the rapper
She take care of me
And the homeboyz after
Jumpoff Jumpoff the girl a jumpoff
I love the snort of mountains
And she get jumpedoff
Jumpoff Jumpoff you know she a jumpoff
Pull my dick out and watch her jump on jumpoff
You make it so hard when it all so basic
Chevy grill look like a set of new braces
Southside baby
We outside baby
Smoking on this bitch like Popeyes baby

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