Lil' Wayne - Oh Boy lyrics

Oh Boy lyrics by Lil' Wayne

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Lil' Wayne - Oh Boy lyrics

Oh Boy lyrics by Lil' Wayne
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[Lil Wayne]
+Oh Baby+, Oh weezy
Yes 'sa (Weezy, Baby)
You know I'm Weezy Wee the - Boy
Apple and Eagle - Boy
Packin' them heaters - Boy
That's blocka - Oh Boy
And I'm back in the streets - Boy
My crack is fa' cheap - Boy
I got that - Boy Boy Boy Boy
I'm movin' in wit' my - Boy
We doing it - Oh Boy
I'm S.Quing it wit' my - Boy
SQAD UP - Oh Boy
You try us no (Boy) I'm the - Boy Boy
I come through in that toy on them alloys boy
Mami like boy, I move so quik
I'm the good dick boy, so slick..
.. boys so click wit' my - Boy
I'ma stick wit' my - Boy
That my - Boy Boy Boy Boy
Hey Maunderin' this young Wayne
Mami you know the game
You know ta give me brainz, til you make your boy range
Go try another - Boy
You gatta suck ya boy get a Mack
not a man baby, +Ya Understand+ baby
See me the - Boy
Me and that fifi - Boy
Call us them fly - Boy
We high - Oh Boy
I, ride fa' my - Boy
An-twan you my - Boy
Hey we - Boy Boy Boy Boy
I'm that pistol pack - Boy
I'm back - Oh Boy
And this shit is a rap - Boy
I told ya - Oh Boy
Y'all all know the (Boy) Grove-a - Boy Boy
Ya, not from the Magnolia, but the bar Soljah
Y'al sippin' that Belvi - Boy
Step it up - Boy
Ya know whats in my cup (Boy) +Purple Stuff+ - Oh Boy
And ya wanna swallow ya - Boy
But tomorrow you can (Boy) halla at 'cha - Boy Boy Boy Boy
Yes, its the Cash Money - Boy
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The Young Money - Boy
Fuck it I done it (Boy) 500 - Oh Boy
Aiy gimme ya bitch - Boy
I show you how ta (Boy) make her
Twerk-n-Work-n-breakin' them chips boy, you fuckin' wit' a sick boy
I feel it bubblin', I think I'm about ta shit boy
I need a hit of that light green sticky shit - Boy
Got me feelin' like - Boy Boy Boy Boy
Stupid bitch I'm the - Boy
The fire dont stop -Boy
I'm the only Hot - Boy
But I'm glad - Oh Boy
But I'm mad at 'cha (Boy) that - Boy Boy
Dont make a nigga bust a Mac at 'cha when I see ya
Ya need ta listen - Boy
I'm in the kitchen - Boy
Cookin' and Zippin' - Boy
2 for 1 - Oh Boy
Hey Juve fuck wit' ya - Boy
I won't fuck wit' ya (Boy) Fuck Ya - Boy Boy Boy Boy
Got a baby girl, not a - Boy
She a trip - Oh Boy
I love her thats all my - Boy
Sweet Nae' - Oh Boy
But ya mama played ya - Boy
Fuck my - Boy Boy Boy
She knows how it go, I'ont love them hoes (BIATCH)
I'm keepin' it gutta' - Boy
Gangstaz in my blood, Ima thug it til my hole is dug - Oh Boy
Boy I'm bustin' it for my - Boy
Who want it wit' the team (Boy) scream - Boy Boy Boy Boy
Who sayin' Weezy Wee, not a muh'fuckin' livin'
Lemme fuckin' live (Boy) I'm just muh'fuckin' pimpin'
The dub still dippin' (Boy) an I'm still smokin'
An as long as they still sniffin', I'm gifted
Aiy Aiy I'm not a lil' - Boy
Look at my fuckin' wheels, Check the size of my shoes
I'm ridin' on my heels boy
This shit is real - Boy
Fee (Boy) ya gatta feel ya - Boy Boy Boy Boy
Where my New Orleans East - Boy
Not the cops - Oh Boy
I mean a nice car - Boy
Thats them drops - Oh Boy
Them rat-a-tang-a-ring (Boy) bang - Boy Boy
Yea, I put it in a bullet go right inside of your hoody
Ya lookin' at the boy, ya hatin' on the boy, ya waitin' on the boy
July 2nd cocksucka, the Eagle block all the money man, SQAD Up-a
I'm the - Boy Boy Boy Boy
Weezy bitch, yuh yuh, weezy

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