Lil' Wayne - I Feel Like lyrics

I Feel Like lyrics by Lil' Wayne

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Lil' Wayne - I Feel Like lyrics

I Feel Like lyrics by Lil' Wayne
(feat. Reel)
Do it
Do it, now, now, uh do it now
Now, now uh do it now gul
[Verse 1: Wayne]
Hot Boy Baby, stop for a woman with her clothes off
Get hed, then doze off
This bed is so soft, this dick is so hard
End all the bullshit as soon as I pull it out
Then I put it, push it, in and out
That's that good shit, that gushy, I work them out yea
She said her guy can't satisfy her
now she cumma cumma cumma cumma cumma chameleon
She comes and gooooes, my hoe
And I love her, love her, love her, I love her, I really do
But I don't hook or handcuff her, that's not somethin' I do, yea
[Chorus: x2]
Reel: I feel like fuckin' somethin', I feel like fuckin' somethin'
Wayne: I'ma step to the girl, I'ma let her know my name
She gon' look at her girlfriend like bitch I'ma leave you, yep!
[Verse 2]
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I don't want no problems, I just wanna fix that problem
If your problem be that nigga, mama, I will be that nigga
You should have yourself a drink, I get through and
your girls about to go peace, I get you in
the V.I.P. with me, now talk to your girls, V-I-P I be
cause I do it, large
iPod, the coolet muthafucka that you prolly ever saw
To the bar we spar, lovetaps, later on we turn that to war, yea
[Verse 3]
OK ma, I hear you sayin' I can hit, that's good
wat about this nigga I'm with? he good
that's my nigga Trill Reel, Reel show her wat you do...
That's how me move so, baby lets move slow
Mami that's too slow, keep up with the groove
We gon' get to wrestlin', messin' with your breasts
since you come through in a dress, now I'm undoin' your dress
Yea, I got my 1,2, my 1,2 in effect
I'm the young dude, that's sprung, you come through and get wet
And yes I..know I..ease 'em when I please 'em
The people downtown never want me to leave 'em
Do it
I said do it

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